Countax X16-4WD


About The Countax X16-4WD

The Countax X Series 4WD models provide ultimate slope performance by using 4TRAC four-wheel drive technology. You can cut in rough and steep areas where four-wheel drive ensures greater stability and the grip to cope with steep slopes, wet and slippery conditions.

Dynamic Traction Control applies four wheel drive when extra grip is required. This prevents scuffing by varying the speeds of the wheels as you turn and avoids marking a lawn. Built into the Operating Management System (OMS), the unique Electronic Slope Alert helps you safely traverse slopes, warning before the incline becomes too great.

Countax X16-4WD Specification

The Countax X16-4WD enables fast and collection-free mowing. Cuts in rough and steep areas using unbeatable 4TRAC four-wheel drive stability and Dynamic Traction Control.


Cutter decks:

RD: Single Blade System. A single bladed cutter deck that ejects grass cuttings in to the path of a Powered Grass Collector – PGC. Fits C330 Mini only.
IBS: Interactive Blade System. Cut, collect and leave a striped lawn finish (when used in conjunction with a Powered Grass Collector – PGC)
Mulch: for cutting without collection
HGM: High Grass Mulch for lawns and paddocks
Please note: Powered Grass Collectors are sold separately and can be used in conjunction with all Countax RD (Single Blade), IBS, mulch and High Grass Mulch cutter decks.

  • Countax X16 4WD (4TRAC)
  • 16hp Honda OHC V-Twin
  • Electric Deck Lift And Lower
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Articulating Comfort Steering
  • 4TRAC Four Wheel Drive
  • Includes Countax 44″ Mulching Mower Deck
  • Our Price Including Free Personal Delivery, Full Dealer Warranty And After Sales Service –

Call Us At Garden Mech Direct On 01494 530 236 To Enquire About A Countax X16-4WD Today,
Remember We Offer A Personal Service And Full After Sales Support Including Full Main Dealer Warranty.

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